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Standards and Ethics for Counselling In Action

Author(s): Tim Bond

ISBN13: 9780761963097

ISBN10: 076196309X


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  • Standards and Ethics for Counselling in Action is the highly acclaimed guide to the major responsibilities which trainees and counselors in practice must be aware of before working with clients. Author Tim Bond outlines the values and ethical principles inherent in counselling and points out that the counselor is at the center of a series of responsibilities: to the client, to him/herself as a counselor and to the wider community. Now fully revised and updated, the second edition examines issues fundamental to the process of counselling. A wide range of ethical problems is discussed and advice is given for resolving these dilemmas. Topics covered include: confidentiality, legal aspects of counselling, working with suicidal clients, false or recovered memory, record keeping, and the importance of adequate supervision. Full of practical information and guidance, the second edition of Standards and Ethics for Counselling in Action will be essential reading and a continuing source of reference for all those involved in counselling training and practice.

  • Tim Bond

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    This edition retains the same informative and accessible style and broadly the same order of contents as the First Edition, which makes it easy for readers to track down key changes. The authors extensive experience in the field of ethics in counselling and his experience as Chair of BACP underpin this updated, essential and authoritative Second Edition

    - British Journal of Guidance & Counselling

    Tim Bond has done a great service to the counselling profession by writing, and now updating, this book His particular strength must surely be his clarity in acquainting counsellors with the complexities of British law. After an introduction, he starts with an exploration of the origins and scope of counselling. He then exemplifies cases in which a counsellors personal and professional values collide. He has collected together a host of ethical dilemmas that counsellors might have to face

    - Naomi Stadlen, Journal of the Society for Existential Analysis


Standards and Ethics for Counselling In Action

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