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St. Anthony's Treasury

Author(s): N/A

ISBN10: 2103500003873

Publisher: Kevin Kearny

Extent: 336 pages

Binding: Hardcover

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  • From the foreword:


    Everybody knows that St. Anthony is an expert in the art of finding lost articles. In to-days world, as the Council told us nearly thirty years ago, vast num­bers have lost the faith. This weighs lightly upon them. In many cases it fosters indifference, con­tempt and even hatred. This new edition of St. Anthonys Treasury might well be an instrument in the saints hands to find what they have lost. There is a sincerity in these prayers waiting to be discove­red by people willing to penetrate into their meaning and recognise that they are no mere pious effusions but an expression of truth which is quivering with life.


    The pagan philosopher Dr. Wu read something like this in the Life of St. Therese. "What a wonder­ful girl!" he exclaimed. "If this saying of hers is an expression of the meaning of the Catholic Faith I see no reason why I should not become a Catholic". The prayers in the Treasury have a power to flood the mind with light and an unction to soothe the sorrows pressing on our hearts. But they must not be read merely, but read slowly and reverently and perseve­ringly, a little at a time. Meditate in this way, for example, on the prayer by St. Gertrude on page 97. Ponder deeply and slowly on each phrase, as we know Our Lady would do, "living and vivifying source of eternal life; infinite treasury of the divinity; burning furnace of divine love..." Every such phrase is alive, an opportunity for St. Anthony to find for us a close personal love for Christ which is another name for sanctity. Every prayer in the book has this richness.


     - Robert Nash S.J.

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St. Anthony's Treasury

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