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Spirituality in the City

Author(s): Andrew Walker

ISBN13: 9780281057030

ISBN10: 0281057036

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian

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  • Nine distinguished writers increase our understanding of the distinctive nature of spirituality in the urban context in this stimulating collection specially commissioned by the London Centre for Spirituality.

    Mark Oakley urges churches in the city to encourage the creative celebration of truth and beauty in the spaces they can offer.

    Rowan Williams reflects on urban life as at once destructive of much that is humanly significant and a seedbed in which change can germinate and people become able to think of new possibilities.

    Rosalind Brown stresses that how we articulate city lives in hymns is a crucial spiritual matter for the Church today

    Leslie Griffiths writes movingly of the fundamental yearning we all have to live in knowable communities.

    Clare Herbert paints a vivid picture of pastoral ministry amid the romance and horror of Londons Soho.

    Philip Sheldrake shares his vision of the city as a place of reconciliation, where socially, racially, culturally and religiously diverse voices may speak and be heard.

    Bernadette Flanagan calls for the establishment of listening spaces in the city, to help the urban soul find expression through dance, music and colour.

    Andrew Davey encourages us to open our eyes to the spirituality that exists in the urban environment around us.

    Andrew Walker demonstrates a form of prayer which is infinitely adaptable in an urban context.
  • Andrew Walker

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Spirituality in the City

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