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Spiritual Emotions: A Psychology of Christian Virtues

Author(s): Robert C. Roberts

ISBN13: 9780802827401

ISBN10: 0802827403

Publisher: W.B.Eerdmans

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  • An expert in moral and philosophical psychology, Robert C. Roberts here develops an original, up-to-date understanding of human emotions in relation to spirituality and as a basic part of Christian moral character. With an eye on pertinent Biblical texts, Roberts explores emotions as nonsensory perceptions that arise from personal caring and concern. His study culminates with an in-depth examination of six "fruit of the Holy Spirit" emotion-virtues: contrition, joy, gratitude, hope, peace, and compassion.

    Though Spiritual Emotions is rigorous in its focus on the inner structure of Christian character, it is nonetheless readable and is laced with many narrative examples. The book will be immensely useful for Christian ethicists, psychologists, pastors, and counselors.

  • Robert C. Roberts

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    Roberts has provided us with something urgently needed: critical thinking about the complex matter of the emotions. He brings together insights from philosophy, psychology, and literature that complement the needed theological analysis of the place of emotion in human , and thus Christian , experience. This work provides invaluable insight and guidance for church leaders, including preachers and those who direct worship, parents, educators, and all who are concerned with human formation.

    - President, reSource Leadership International


Spiritual Emotions: A Psychology of Christian Virtues

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