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Speak Out


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  • Speak Out is an innovative DVD resource for schools for use in talking to students about bullying and the many forms it can take. In acted-out scenarios, students are given first-hand accounts of different types of bullying – isolation, being different, gossiping, jealousy, peer pressure, cyber bullying and others. Resolution and coping strategies are then given, with discussion pointers also recommended for use by teachers with students.


    Scenario Selection:


    1. Isolation - What happens when your group of friends decide to completely ignore you? What happens when you become the outsider?


    2. Groups - Examining the group mentality. Why do people pressure others to behave in a certain way?


    3. Difference I - The dynamics of what happens when people decide to pick on another person because they are perceived to be ‘different’.


    4. Difference 2 - Looking at how a person can put up with bullying for years without realising that something can be done about it.


    5. The Fine Line - Identifying the fine line between ‘messing about’ and bullying.


    6. Behind Your Back - Examining the damaging effects of spreading rumours.


    7. The Psychologist - A senior psychologist from the HSE outlines the best ways to avoid bullying and how to deal with it if it happens: ‘Expose the bully, break the silence.’


    8. Jealousy - What are the issues that can arise when a group of girls start secondary school?


    9. Relationships - Examining the pressures involved in relationships. What happens when control becomes a problem? (Contains material suitable only for senior cycle.)


    10. The Entertainer - It’s hard to say you’re being bullied when everyone is just having a laugh. This scenario looks at what happens when a person is the butt of all the jokes.


    11. Peer Pressure - Looking at how people can act out of character, maybe even resorting to bullying to fit in.


    12. The One Thing You Can’t do - This scenario features an adult looking back on his time in school and the regret he now feels about not speaking out.


    13. Cyber-bullying - Is social networking a friend or foe? Examining how a person can be bullied online and the repercussions.


    14. Garda - A member of An Garda Síochána examines how bullying can sometimes be a criminal act. 


    A word from the Principal of Loreto Secondary School, Wexford

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Speak Out

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