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Songs of Mary CD

Devotional Music and Chants to the Holy Mother

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  • Different cultures from all corners of the world all have their own ways of showing respect and love to the Holy Mother, Mary. Not only is homage paid through prayer and liturgical means, but also through the power and beauty of music.

    SONGS OF MARY features a collection of Marian songs from a wide variety of sources, like Celtic singer Noirin Ni Riain, the San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble, Ruth Cunningham (formerly of Anonymous 4), Katy Taylor and others. As such, the arrangements range from Renaissance-era polyphony to pieces with mellow Indian and Middle Eastern vibes, though across the board the music maintains the same serene, devotional quality. This is simple music that packs an emotional punch, surrounding the listener with gorgeous voices and utter tranquility.
  • Noirin Ni Riain

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Songs of Mary CD