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Song of My People

Author(s): Liam Lawton

ISBN13: 9781853906008

ISBN10: 185390600X

Publisher: Veritas

Extent: 120 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 22.8 x 15.6 x 1.4 cm

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  • In the Song of My People internationally acclaimed liturgical composer Liam Lawton tells the story behind his music. For the past 10 years he has been drawing inspiration from the rich and beautiful heritage of his native land, never tiring of discovering connections between people, landscape and spirituality, one constantly influencing the other. Song of My People tells the story of what has inspired him to compose. He explores what it is about the native Irish tradition that has created some of the most beautiful and lyrical melodies despite knowing times of great strife and struggle.

    This is not an academic study but rather a compelling look into the world that has shaped Liam Lawtons music, from the early Christian settlers in Ireland, to the stories of Famine days to the contemporary world of Irish music.


    Geantrai, Goltraf & Suantrai


    Holy Is God
    How Can I Repay The Lord
    Song for Oran
    The Hermit Song
    The Mass of the Celtic Saints
    Sacred Story
    Sing a Song
    Mo Ghra Thu
    Sail The Soul
    So Longs My Soul
    The Clouds Veil
    The Weaver
    The Shepherd Boy
    The Pilgrim Song
    Come To The Feast Divine


    The Darkest Hour
    Pieta - The Silence And The Sorrow
    Cry To The Dawn
    Pity Then The Child
    The Lord Is My Shepherd
    Ave Maria Ave
    There Is A Place
    The Lord Will Heal The Broken Heart
    After The Rain


    The Maiden And Her Child
    AIIeIu - Mo Ghrasa Mo Dhia
    Could It Be?
    In The Quiet
    On The Journey

  • Liam Lawton

    For the past number of years Liam Lawton has been writing, composing and performing his unique style of inspirational music. In March 2004 Liam's talents were recognized by recording giant EMI who signed him for a number of albums. His EMI debut Another World was released in Ireland later that year featuring guest artists as Brian Kennedy, The Celtic Tenors, Fionnuala Sherry of Secret Garden, Moya Brennan, Eimear Quinn, Roisin O'Reilly amongst others. This album achieved double platinum status and was followed by his second album Time which also was hugely successful. Time was recorded with the National Philharmonic Orchestra in the beautiful city of Prague with arrangements by well known Chicago Symphony arranger Gary Fry. Liam's third album Christmas Song includes a collection of Liam's own favourite Christmas pieces with some new original music also.
    Liam Lawton's music has been recognized for its unique quality. His poetic lyrics are inspired by many sources including the ancient texts of Celtic Ireland, he is also at home writing contemporary music. Much of Liam's inspiration is drawn from the landscape of Ireland with its own dark and rich history. His melodies are full of pathos and can stir the heart and his music has been used in many an auspicious occasions for example the memorial services of 9/11 to concerts in such places as the Vatican, The White House and The Chicago Symphony Hall to the weddings of pop stars and glitterati. Liam's choral music is used by choirs all over the English speaking world and has been translated into Spanish, German and Swedish.

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Song of My People

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