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Slaying the Dragons

Destroying Myths in the History of Science and Faith

Author(s): Allan Chapman

ISBN13: 9780745955834

ISBN10: 0745955835

Publisher: Lion Books (15 Feb 2013)

Extent: 256 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 13.8 x 1.4 x 21.6 cm

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  • In this lively and often surprising study, Dr Chapman examines popular misunderstandings about key events in the history of science-faith relations. He covers the major episodes such as Galileos trial, the Wilberforce-Huxley debate and the Scopes trial of 1925, but also looks further back through the medieval period to the Classical age, revealing how these events have acquired mythical and misleading status.


    He exposes the facts that have been forgotten and the contemporary opinions that have been supplanted by modern propaganda. Slaying the Dragons is an important book that strips away layers of misunderstanding and misinterpretation and, in so doing, helps us to appreciate that science and religion are not the common enemies we think they are.

  • Allan Chapman

    Allan Chapman teaches history of science in the University of Oxford. He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and author of ten books.

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    The author attacks the dragons of the title - the myths, half-truths and downright untruths of the science-religion debate - with the passion of a latter-day St George. This book is forthright, clear, readable, convincing and humorous...

     - John Bryant, Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences at the University of Exeter.


    From an encyclopaedic knowledge of his subject matter, Allan Chapman systematically exposes the multiple myths and flagrant falsehoods propagated by the so-called 'New Atheists'.

     - The Revd Dr Rodney D. Holder, The Faraday Institute, Cambridge.


    Allan Chapman offers a robust and highly readable response to the `not-so - New' Atheism.

     - Edmund Newell, Principal of Cumberland Lodge.


Slaying the Dragons

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