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Singing Heart of the World: Creation, Evolution, Faith

Author(s): John Feehan

ISBN13: 9781856076777

ISBN10: 1856076776


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  • In recent years there has been an outpouring of books arguing that the only belief consonant with the scientific world-views is denial of God. There has been an equally prolific outpouring of books in response, so that neither side appears to carry the argument, and the agnostic seeking the right answer is at a loss where to turn.

    The central argument in The Singing Heart of the World is that human reason occupies the pivotal position which science claims for it, but that the scientific endeavour itself penetrates insufficiently deeply into the human encounter with reality, and is on this account inadequately rational.

    The book begins with an overview of the universe that science has unfolded for our contemplation and response, and ends with the argument that future humanity can thrive only through the unfettered exercise of reason allied with virtue and grounded in faith in a God who is now seen to be utterly greater than the smaller Gods of a more restricted view of reality.

  • John Feehan

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    John Feehan has long been one of the leading celebrants of the wildlife and landscape of Ireland. Through his books, beginning with the masterly Slieve Bloom, and through his profession as a senior lecturer in environmental science at University College, Dublin, he has opened a door on the countryside to a great many people.

    This side of his thinking is scientific, based on the ideal of observation and meticulous description of rocks and soil, birds and flowers, and a host of other material objects. His scientific interpretation of these observations is as dispassionate as is humanly possible.


    This is the approach to learning which has led to the enhancement of our material wellbeing to such a degree that the majority of people in western Europe and many other countries enjoy lives of greater comfort than did even the wealthiest and most powerful monarchs of a few centuries ago.

    To a great many of the worlds scientists, this knowledge of mechanisms, particularly of how the universe has come into being and how evolution has led to the creation of human beings, has led to a belief that Science will ultimately be able to answer the question of why this has happened as well as how. They have adopted varying degrees of atheism and concluded that their science has done away with the need to believe in God or any form of transcendental element.

    Feehan is one of the, perhaps equally large, number of devoted scientists who believe that their discipline is an excellent means of explaining the material universe but which is not in any way suited to exploring the realities of the force or mind which created the beautiful universe of which we form a part.


    In parallel with his scientific writing, he has published extensively on the spiritual life and this book is a remarkable digest of his thinking, a distillation of solid facts and the more elusive concepts of philosophy.

    He begins with an exposition of Science itself, its powers and its weaknesses, continues through cosmology and chemistry to the origins of life and the evolutionary process that has led to the world as we know it today. This leads gradually to an enlightening discussion on the evolution of our faith and belief in God.

    He has a particular love for Aquinas and brings in the thoughts of many other Christian and non-Christian philosophers. This is a book, with a generous list of references, which bridges the divide between science and theology and will introduce new thinking to readers in both camps.

    - Christopher Moriarty, The Irish Catholic, 15 April 2010


Singing Heart of the World: Creation, Evolution, Faith

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