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Sin Boldly

A field guide for grace

Author(s): Cathleen Falsani

ISBN13: 9780310279471

ISBN10: 31027947


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  • Justice is getting what you deserve. Mercy is not getting what you deserve. And grace is getting what you absolutely dont deserve.

  • Cathleen Falsani

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    Ranging from Chicago to Kenya, New Orleans to Ireland, Big Sky to Graceland, Falsani dons her investigative cap and scouts for grace. This religion columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times is a charming guide to places and people who reveal 'grace when and where it happens.' Eschewing technical theological definitions, Falsani opts instead to tell how she has experienced grace. And we are vicarious travelers, seeing grace, 'audacious, unwarranted, and unlimited', through Falsanis eyes. She marvels at the devotion of young people who crowd to the popes funeral and at the astoundingly independent women of Asembo Bay in Kenya. She wrestles with anger at a misogynist Tanzanian tour guide and anger at God when her mother and beloved cat face cancer. We traipse along with the author and eaveson her conversations, both external and internal. The result is a pastiche of images meant collectively to reveal Gods grace. Though some may find the premise contrived, only a fierce cynic could fail to be drawn in to Falsanis tales and candid reflections.

    - Publishers Weekly


Sin Boldly

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