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Simple Prayer

new edition

Author(s): John Dalrymple

ISBN13: 9780232527797

ISBN10: 0232527792


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  • John Dalrymple wrote many spiritual classics, all stemming from his conviction that prayer is the most important element in Christian living. In this beautiful reissue of his bestselling Simple Prayer, he writes explicitly on prayer, teaching that the simple silent prayer of contemplation is attainable for anyone who eeks to try. What unfolds is a mature yet accessible consideration of all aspects of prayer and how it connects with politics, liberation, poverty, spiritual reading andthe experience of the Dark Night.

  • John Dalrymple

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    In Simple Prayer we are enabled, through clear and affectionate language, to be drawn into a fond yearning for God. And God is never referred to as a religious formula it will take a lifetime to understand, but as one who must be known as person to person or not at all. Spirituality is both mystical and relational, but it is not the sole preserve of a few, as the humbling postscript makes clear.

    - John L. Bell


Simple Prayer

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