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Sharing the Blessing

Author(s): Kathy Galloway

ISBN13: 9780281059492

ISBN10: 0281059497

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian

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  • In "Sharing the Blessing", Kathy Galloway offers a reflection on the spirituality and practice of working for justice and overcoming poverty, both local and global. As people of faith, we are called to speak out against all which distorts or diminishes the image of God in human beings. Yet working for global justice requires patience and persistence: change is slow, difficult and often costly."Sharing the Blessing" is about how you can be part of that change. It will encourage you to think spiritually and creatively around issues of economics, globalization and migration. By putting a human face on huge social problems, which can so easily seem abstract and distant, you can more easily connect these issues with your faith. Here you will find practical suggestions and spiritual guidance that will help you to make a real difference to those suffering from injustice and poverty.

  • Kathy Galloway

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Sharing the Blessing

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