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Sharing Responsibility in Shaping the Future

Author(s): N/A

ISBN13: 9781907501050

Publisher: Social Justice Ireland

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  • In recent decades intellectual and political elites have paid little attention to issues concerning the future. Those who raised questions concerning the future, what it might look like, how it should be shaped and who should play a part in deciding its shape were dismissed as being out of touch with the ‘real’ world. It was regularly pointed out to such questioners that themarket wouldmake these decisions and there wasn’t much point inwasting time ‘theorising’ about such issues. Media coverage of events and discussions concerning issues rarely focused on the future and what its shapemight be. The so-called ‘experts’ who were consulted, who appeared on TV and radio programmes and wrote extensively in newspapers weremostly economists. It seemed that everything could be reduced to its economic dimensions and only economists had a useful contribution tomake to the discussion and problem-solving. The crises of recent years have highlighted the paucity of this approach.

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Sharing Responsibility in Shaping the Future