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Sex Education for Girls

Presented by Angela Macnamara

Binding: DVD

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  • Angela Macnamara has a unique position in Irish society, not only as a writer but as an educator and counsellor. For many years she has specialised in the area of sex education. In this clear and highly visual programme she explains the facts of life for young adolescent girls. She brings to this DVD not only her years or experience but common sense and sensitivity. Being a mother herself she is well equipped both to know and answer the questions which trouble young girls. She has a delightful and refreshing attitude to growing up, placing it firmly in a Christian context. Drama and animated sequences make this a most attractive programme for teachers, parents and children alike.

    The programme is divided into six sections:

    Introduction for Parents or Teachers (1 min)

    Angela explains how the DVD can best be used.


    Unit 1: Your Heart Growing Up (11 mins)

    Focuses on growing up to be a loving person.


    Unit 2: Your Body Growing Up (part 1: 4 mins; part 2: 13 mins)

    Goes through the bodily changes that occur in girls at puberty –hair growth, breast development and the menstrual cycle.

    Unit3: Boys Growing Up (8 mins)

    Focuses on the boy’s body and the changes that occur in it at puberty – wet dreams, the psychological differences between boys and girls, and mood swings at adolescence.


    Unit 4: Sexual Intercourse (part 1: 7 mins, part 2: 5 mins)

    Angela talks about sexual intercourse and fertilisation.


    Unit 5: The Development of the Baby (8 mins)

    Looks at how the baby develops in the mother’s womb over the nine months and at childbirth.

    This DVD is ideally suited for 11–12 year-old girls. Total duration is 1 hour.
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  • Angela MacNamara

    Angela Macnamara was married to Peter Macnamara for forty-five years and has four married daughters. She is now an occasional journalist and speaker. She has worked as an educator, lecturer and counsellor, with particular expertise in the area of Christian Relationships and Sexuality Education. Her previous publications include 'Will Our Children Build Healthy Relationships?' and the best-seller 'Ready, Steady Grow' (2000).

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Sex Education for Girls

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