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Seeking the Spirit

How to create a community of seekers

ISBN13: 9780819221940

ISBN10: 0819221945


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  • For those who are interested in the emerging 21st century spirituality that moves beyond the confines of the traditional church, Seeking the Spirit examines the search for God in a changing culture that isnt bound by the answers and formulations of the past. Spiritual seekers who are not fulfilled by religions that demand conformity in belief will discover Journeys Community, an alternative model of spirituality that asks questions, engages the depth of personal experience and offers enriching spiritual experiences that draw on many cultures and faith traditions and a variety of media. Meditation services feature readings, music and film clips from sources as diverse as Mother Teresa, Rumi, and Thich Nhat Hanh; Emmylou Harris, Van Morrison and Stevie Wonder; The Shawshank Redemption, Groundhog Day and The Wizard of Oz.
    Here in Seeking the Spirit, discover an open-ended approach to creating a spirituality community that is engaging and relevant. Readers will be drawn to the personal stories of seekers and find a wealth of tips for creating a vibrant and supportive seeker community. Included are useful resources and sample worship services.

  • Harry Brunett

    Jennifer Grow

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Seeking the Spirit

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