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Seasons of Light

A Collection of Haiku

Author(s): Dermot OBrien

ISBN13: 9781847302403

ISBN10: 1847302408

Publisher: Veritas (1 Aug 2010)

Extent: 80 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 14.5 x 9.9 x 0.8 cm

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  • Dermot O’Brien invites the reader into a world of beauty through the delicate medium of haiku. A humble form of poetry, haiku, although short in length, are sublime in content. For a poetic form that is so often exclusively associated with Japan, Dermot O’Brien guides the reader effortlessly to a more familiar territory, Ireland.

    In place of cherry blossoms, cranes and Kyoto, we are delighted by furze, cormorants and a swan above the Slaney. Haiku are an expression of nature and life in the purest possible form, and this collection is Dermot O’Brien attempt to say, in simple language, what it is like to be alive in this world and its promise of the next.

  • Dermot OBrien

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  • The withered blossom
    on a bedraggled hydrangea
    surprised by purple buds

    A few steps of snow
    on a distant mountaintop
    the first day of March

    Ice still at a gap
    in the shade of evergreens
    slowly melting away

    Apple trees in March
    the old branches sharply pruned
    the new ascending

    For them its all new
    the lambs climbing a manger
    under a blue sky

    The freedom of God
    in the wild of a meadow
    the fragrant sunny air

    A mother and child
    seated at a table still
    in each others presence

    As the sunlight comes
    in silence through the window
    the stillness of flowers

    Suddenly all still
    the pigeons on the pasture
    facing towards the sun

    Gorse in bloom again
    along the hillside hedgerows
    the warmth of the sun

    The spring evening
    a blackbird on the rooftop
    sings at full throttle

    Alone on the mountain
    St Patrick learned to connect
    with the heights of God

    A small cherry tree
    halfway down the tunnel white
    with recent blossom

    Just singing her song
    alone in the spotlight she
    touches hearts of stone
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