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SD - Consider Jesus

Author(s): Elizabeth Johnson

ISBN13: 9780824511616

ISBN10: 0824511611


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  • Consider Jesus is widely regarded as the finest general introduction to Christology. Adopted for adult education courses, classrooms, and seminars, this classic book, written by one of the leading theologians of our era, presents major themes about Jesus in clear and accessible language.

  • Elizabeth Johnson

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    Johnson offers a succinct and excellent overview of middle- and late-20th century Roman Catholic Christologies, the study of Christs person and qualities. These have been renewed by waves of emphasis upon Jesus genuine humanity, upon Jesus own historical context, upon liberation of the poor and oppressed, upon the equality and dignity of women, upon the truth and greatness of other religious traditions, and upon preservation of the environment. The book fairly presents a wide body of diverse theological speculation in a form which clarifies the ongoing need for new Christologies and expectantly anticipates further developments.

    - Library Journal


SD - Consider Jesus

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