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Saints: Lives and Illuminations


ISBN13: 9780802853653

Publisher: W.B.Eerdmans

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  • This combined edition or our picture books Saints & More Saints presents the stories of remarkable people , martyrs, hermits, miracle workers, scholars, and evangelists , who were the pioneers of the early Church and who spread the Christian faith to the rest of the world. / With brief biographical sketches and lush pencil and oil portraits, author and illustrator Ruth Sanderson stokes the flame of our centuries old and ongoing interest in the faith and lives of these spiritual examples saints who have forever changed the way we look at and live our lives in relationship to God.

  • Ruth Sanderson

    Ruth Sanderson Editor

    Ruth Sanderson has illustrated many books for children, including Cinderella and The Snow Princess (both Little, Brown) and the companion volume to this book, Saints: Lives and Illuminations. Her artistic style is inspired by Renaissance art, icons, illuminated manuscripts, old engravings, and woodcuts. She lives in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

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  • Becoming a saint isnt easy. Since the tenth century, the Roman Catholic Church has been using the same method of canonization, or declaring someone a saint. The process begins after the death of someone whom people regarded as holy. Many church leaders must approve the teachings and actions of the candidate before the pope will proclaim the person "venerable."
    Unless the candidate was martyred, the next step in becoming a saint requires evidence of one miracle that must have occurred after the candidates death. The candidate is then beatified, or declared "blessed" by the church. At this time, the candidate can be adored by a particular group with whom the person holds special importance, and named as that groups patron. Only after there is evidence of more than one miracle can a pope canonize the person as a saint.
    With words and pictures this book introduces seventy-four saints and two blesseds. Accompanying the full color illustration of each saint, you will find the dates when he or she lived, feast day, biographical description, and patronage. A short glossary is included on page 156 to help with terms that may be unfamiliar.
    While some elements of the saints lives have been recorded by historians, other accounts have simply been passed down through generations, making it sometimes difficult to determine what is fact and what is legend. One thing is clear: these remarkable men and women still have the power to inspire us today.

    , Introduction to Saints: Lives and Illuminations

Saints: Lives and Illuminations

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