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Saints: Lives and Illuminations, paperback

Author(s): Ruth Sanderson

ISBN13: 9780802853325

Publisher: W.B.Eerdmans

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  • With brief biographical sketches and rich pencil and oil portraits, this handsome volume celebrates the lives of forty martyrs, hermits, miracle workers, and evangelists of the first millenium pioneers of the early Church who spread the Christian faith to the rest of the world. As a stand-alone volume or paired with Sandersons sequel (More Saints: Lives and Illuminations), this book will fascinate and inspire readers of all ages.

  • Ruth Sanderson

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    Fort- stories of Christian saints from the first millennium are illustrated with appropriately gorgeous, pencil-and-oils-on-paper art."

    - Kirkus Reviews

    "Sanderson strikes a truly compelling tone in this fine collection ... Both an interesting read and a spiritual reference,"

    - Publishers Weedy, starred review

    Grade 2-5-Forty brief biographies, opulently illustrated. The pencil-and-oil portraits are done in the manner of Renaissance art, with deep but bright colors, stylized frames, and the saints faces delineated by halos. Saints, almost by definition, lived lives of sacrifice, and many were tortured or killed because of their faith. Sanderson includes those aspects in the text, but does not engage in extended or gory descriptions. All of the figures included are from the first millennium, almost half are women, they come from both the Western and Eastern Orthodox traditions, and lived in a variety of countries. The collection includes well-known saints, such as Patrick, Nicholas, and Christopher, as well as the less familiar. No sources are listed, so the line between legend and fact is somewhat fuzzy. However, for those interested in sharing inspiring stories of Christian devotion with children, this volume is well designed, attractive, and easy to use.

    - Lucinda Snyder Whitehurst, St. Christophers School, Richmond, VA, School Library Journal


Saints: Lives and Illuminations, paperback

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