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Saints in Love: What Holy Women and Men Can Teach Us

about our Relationships

Author(s): Carole Hallundbaek

ISBN13: 9780824524456

ISBN10: 0824524454

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse - Ballycoolin D 11

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  • A romantic and practical guide to more fulfilling relationships, SAINTS IN LOVE has been nominated for several literary awards, including two Catholic Press Association Awards in 2008.

  • Carole Hallundbaek

    Carole Hallundbaek is an award-winning writer , television producer and national news commentator of faith and spirituality. Published for over 20 years, her poetry essays, newspaper columns, and online explorations of the spiritual life have drawn a global audience. A native New Yorker, she is a graduate of New York University, Maryknoll School of Theology, and Fordham University. In 2001, she founded Beyond Dialogue a retreat centre for spiritual peace and education in Maine, where she now lives with her husband Michael and their children.

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    In the end, our greatest voyage is the journey we make to the heart. Saints In Love vividly describes that journey through the lives and relationships of some of our greatest spiritual adventurers. Carole Hallundbaek has carefully detailed, with great psychological insight, the intimate relationships between these saints, their personal challenges, their breakthroughs, and ultimately their pathway to fulfillment through each other. A vibrant, beautiful, and utterly useful guide for our own relationships today.

    - Peter Nichols, Author, A Voyage for Madmen

    "Romantic and sensual... like a walk through a secret cloister."

    - Elisabeth Goodridge, September 2007

    A stunning and surprising look at saints-in-pairs and what they meant to each others lives... Not only is the books view of the very real and special closeness between religious male/female shining-lights a show-stopper... the authors writing is full of feeling, totally accessible scholarship and warmth, combined with wonder toward her subjects. Take time to sit down with this one... youll be rewarded, pressed down and running over.

    - Marilis Hornidge, Author, November 1, 2007

    Hallundbaek has a poetical writing style. Her words resonate off the page, bringing the relationships of these holy pairs to life. The book is beautiful, an enchanting and insightful read, which invites the reader to discover the Holy in his or her own relationships and to learn from these masters how to love God in loving others.

    - Patrice Fagnant,, October 2007


Saints in Love: What Holy Women and Men Can Teach Us

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