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Saint John of the Cross

Author(s): Colin P. Thompson

ISBN13: 9780281060078

ISBN10: 028106007

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian

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  • One of the greatest lyrical poets in Spanish of any age, St John of the Cross (1542-1591) enjoys an authoritative status as a theologian and teacher of the mystical road to union with God. This full-length study, vividly written in a style accessible to contemporary readers, devotes a separate chapter to each of St Johns major works, citing the original Spanish and providing English translations throughout. Looking for connections between his verse and prose, Colin Thompson argues for a theological understanding of the intensely beautiful and moving poems. He seeks to explain the principles that guide St John in his exploration of the self and its encounter with the divine, and provides an analysis of the poets most famous symbol - the dark night of the soul.

  • Colin P. Thompson

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    . . . unquestionably the most thorough, authoritative and competent study of St John of the Cross to have appeared in English since Trueman Dickens Crucible of Love in 1963. Thompsons command of the contemporary Spanish context as well as of Johns theological background in Aquinas, Augustine and Christian Platonism makes this book far wider in perspective and scope . . . I am certain it will establish itself as a classic . . . as a serious but accessible study of a world figure in the realm of spirituality, it stands alone.

    - The Right Revd Gordon Mursell, Bishop of Stafford


Saint John of the Cross

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