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Sacred Legacy

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ISBN13: 9780801064548

ISBN10: 0801064546


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  • Trumpets announce the achievements of men of the Christian faith through the ages. The writings and legacies of Augustine, St. Francis, Aquinas, and many others have survived through centuries of tumultuous human history.

    But a silence shrouds the lives of ancient and medieval women of faith. Surely they labored at more than raising children and cleaning house. What did they believe? How did they live? And what can we learn from their struggles?

    In Sacred Legacy, nine extraordinary women of faith come to life. From visions of Christ to the painful separation from a beloved child, experience the sorrow and triumph of these spirited women as they live out their faith in perilous times. Through samplings of their own writings and touching encounters with modern women of faith, author Myrna Grant translates ancient wisdom into contemporary insight.
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Sacred Legacy

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