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Sacred Doorways: A Beginner's Guide to Icons


Author(s): Linette Martin

ISBN13: 9781557253071

ISBN10: 1557253072

Publisher: Paraclete Press

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  • For all those who wish they understood more about the meaning behind religious icons, Sacred Doorways will serve as an essential guidebook.

    For centuries, icons, known as "sacred doorways" into the spiritual world, have been a central part of worship in the Eastern Orthodox Church. But more recently, people of all faith traditions have become intrigued by the beauty and mystery of icons. Today, icons can be found in churches of various denominations, and viewed in museums around the world.

    Linette Martin explains the history of religious icons, the materials and techniques used in creating them, and the visual language of icons. But beyond providing a historical and artistic background, Martin also writes as a fellow spiritual pilgrim, enriching our understanding of the Orthodox spirituality that is celebrated and expressed through this ancient art form.

  • Linette Martin

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    For people of all faith traditions who have become intrigued by the beauty and mystery of icons, this book supplies an excellent historical, artistic and spiritual guide.

    - Ecumenism

    the author. . . provides a readable and comprehensive introduction to a rich, complex. tradition. Ms. Martin guides us to a way of contemplative prayer with icons.

    - Louise H. Shipps, The Living Church

    Sacred Doorways reflects [Linette Martins] infectious passion for religious icons and the meaning behind them - a field in which as a non-specialist she earned the respect of many experts.

    - AM: the artsmedia journal

    The language is accessible to all readers; it is not a scholarly treatment. . . perfect, and it enriches our understanding of the spirituality in the art form. A valuable addition to any library.

    - Norma Lilly, Ingram Library Services

    Martin aims to increase understanding of what icons convey.

    - June Sawyers, ALA Booklist


Sacred Doorways: A Beginner's Guide to Icons

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