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Rosary: Mysteries of Joy, Love, and Sorrow

Author(s): Alice Camille

ISBN13: 9780879462468

ISBN10: 0879462469

Publisher: Veritas

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  • For quite some time, the rosary has been viewed as a staid and traditional prayer that is the exclusive domain of traditional Catholics, although the new Mysteries of Light have caused many to take a new look at it. It may seem odd to suggest that it might become a tool for a new revolution or that we might discover the practice of praying the rosary to be radically countercultural. But I believe that the rosary has within itself the potential to change hearts and in the very act of doing so to change the world. The recent addition of the Mysteries of Light to the rosary by Pope John Paul II has sparked a flurry of renewed interest in this classic prayer. More than just providing a description of all twenty mysteries, however, this book provides intelligent and enlightening discussion of the history, significance and power that have made the rosary the most beloved of all devotional prayers. The Rosary contains a series of reflections that explain each mystery and offer practical applications to modern-day life. Through her intriguing and provocative exploration of the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries, the author provides readers with a renewed appreciation of the rosary as a path to love and peace in the new millennium.

  • Alice Camille

    Alice Camille is a nationally known author, religious educator, and parish retreat leader. She received her Master of Divinity degree from the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley, where she also served as adjunct faculty in ministry formation, preaching and proclamation. Alice has worked in parishes and campus ministry, supervised a shelter program for homeless women, and been active in ecumenical settings.


    Alice writes the popular monthly commentary, "Exploring the Sunday Readings," and contributes to "Living With Christ" (Twenty-Third Publications). She collaborates on the homily series, "Prepare the Word," and offers daily reflections for "Take Five For Faith" and a regular column for VISION Vocation Network (all from TrueQuest Communications). She is the regular "Testaments" columnist for US CATHOLIC magazine. Her articles have also appeared in CareNotes, Catholic Digest, Catholic Update, CHURCH, Every Day Catholic, Finding God, GIA Quarterly, God's Word Today, In Good Faith/De Buena Fe, The Liguorian, St. Anthony Messenger, This Sunday's Scripture, Today's Liturgy and Today's Parish. Alice has worked with teams at Brown-ROA, Harcourt, Hi-Time/Pflaum, and RCL Benziger developing catechetical materials for use in parochial schools.


    Her writing has earned numerous awards from the Catholic Press Association, the Associated Church Press, and the interfaith Religion Communicators Council. Alice currently works as a full-time writer and speaker, and leads a Bible study at her home parish in the Southwest. She takes God seriously, and religion with a sense of humor.

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    As premier disciple and model of the Church, Mary shows us how to place all the pieces of our personal stories, even those that are sharp-edged, into the greater story of salvation.

    From the Introduction


Rosary: Mysteries of Joy, Love, and Sorrow

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