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Essential biography of St Francis of Assisi

Author(s): Paul Sabatier

ISBN13: 9781557253286

ISBN10: 1557253285

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse - Ballycoolin D 11

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  • He conversed with both the Pope and the sultan. He transformed a taste for fine things and troubadour poetry into greater loves for poverty and joyful devotion to God. He never intended to found a traditional religious "movement," but nevertheless, he did. As he died, his brothers had to guard him closely in fear that someone would try to snatch the body of this living saint. Who was Francis of Assisi? Where did he come from and what can we learn from his life? Paul Sabatier (1858-1928), a French Protestant and the first modern biographer of St. Francis, sought to find the man beneath the layers of myth and legend. Sabatier portrayed a fully human Francis, much like each of us in our awkwardness, insecurities, and fear, but also a gentle mystic and passionate reformer who desired to live as Jesus taught his disciples. The Road to Assisi presents Sabatierós biography for todayós twenty-first century reader. With helpful explanations and annotations by Jon M. Sweeney, Sabatierós narrative is supplemented with the insights of many other scholars and writers, from Bonaventure and Dante to G. K. Chesterton and Umberto Eco.
  • Paul Sabatier

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    First published in France in 1894 and out of print for several decades, Paul Sabatiers biography of Francis of Assisi was considered the first modern account of the saint, sifting through layers of myth and legend to discover the flawed but extraordinary man who inspired so many people. Now, Sabatiers text is dusted off for a contemporary audience. Jon Sweeneys The Road to Assisi: The Essential Biography of Saint Francis, by Paul Sabatier, offers an excellent introduction to the text, helpful sidebars and notes and fascinating illustrations, not only to introduce readers to the saint but to aid them in engaging "personally with Francis, the human being." Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

    - Publishers Weekly

    This biography of St. Francis is essentially a reworking of the 1894 classic Vie de S. Fran ois dAsaise by French Protestant Paul Sabatier (1858-1928). Translated into many languages, it became the main source of information about the simple man from Assisi and controversial enough to be placed on the infamous Roman index of banned books. Today, under the editorial guidance of Sweeney (Praying with Our Hands: 21 Practices of Embodied Prayer from the Worlds Spiritual Traditions), this balanced, long-out-of-print work is again in the hands of readers. Sweeney has carefully updated the language of the 19th-century text, corrected errors, and supplied sidebar commentary of salient historical facts, taking into account much of what has been written about St. Francis both before and after the Sabatier biography. The original text, which maintained a delicate balance between scientific investigation and hagiographic "myth," has been retained here. In addition to honoring the Sabatier text, Sweeney provides a glossary of terms, a full index, summaries of major characters associated with St. Francis, and a current bibliography of recommended readings, all to assist the reader in truly encountering St. Francis of Assisi. Recommended for larger public and academic libraries collecting religious biography. [This book has been selected for the BOMC, Literary Guild, and History book clubs.-Ed.]-John-Leonard Berg, Univ. of Wisconsin Lib., Platteville Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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