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Resolving Bereavement

ISBN13: 9781847302540

ISBN10: 1847302548

Publisher: Veritas

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  • Death is something we all must experience as a part of life, even children, and this book helps them to deal with the acute loss and strong emotions that result from the death of a loved one. It is aimed at children (aged six to twelve), their parents/guardians, teachers and professionals who support children during times of bereavement.

    The story focuses on how loss affects Joe and Lisa in different ways, but how they both find support and learn how to talk about their feelings. They begin to regain confidence and learn how to be happy again. The story will help children understand and deal with grief and all the emotions that come with it, such as isolation, anger, depression, guilt, fear and insecurity.

    The book also has a very useful toolbox section, with tips, games and information to help children put into practice what they have learned from the book. It is also supported by a website, which has additional material available for download for both children and parents.



    The books in the Resolving Series are simple, straightforward, but very clever tools. They work to help children realise how the characters in the books reflect their own situation. They explain why they are in the situation and aid them in working out ways of resolving the problems, normally with the help of their parents, teachers, guardians, counsellors and friends. The books also have a very useful toolbox section to help the child/children understand, practice and express their problem and themselves.

  • Fiona McAuslan

    From Scotland, Fiona McAuslan came to Ireland to work in the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland as a violinist in 1990. During her time in the orchestra she became involved in negotiating workplace disputes and developed an interest in confl ict resolution. She trained as a mediator and left the orchestra to pursue a career as a confl ict resolution professional. She works for organisations such as the Family Mediation Service and the Clanwilliam Institute, and is a member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland and the Association of Confl ict Resolution. Fiona has worked with Drumcondra Education Centre to develop confl ict resolution training programmes for schools nationwide.

    Peter Nicholson

    Peter Nicholson has been working the world of marketing and communications for the last twenty years. He has worked with Fiona McAuslan on a number of projects in the past, such as the S.A.L.T. programme, which is currently being used in schools in Ireland, the Uk and Australia. Peter is married, with two children.

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