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Repair My House

Becoming a Kingdom Catholic

Author(s): Michael Crosby

ISBN13: 9781570759536

ISBN10: 1570759537

Publisher: Orbis Books

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  • In the face of broad crisis in the Catholic church today, Michael Crosby offers a renewed vision of the Catholic story.

    "Repair my house." St. Francis of Assisi heard this instruction from a crucifix in a ruined chapel, inspiring his radical mission of church renewal.

    Today the Catholic Church confronts again the need for a similar mission of repair and renewal. The signs of crisis are only too evident. It is felt in the sex abuse scandal and the questions it has raised about internal structures of authority and clerical culture. But it can also be felt in the challenge from a spate of "new atheists" who question traditional world views, and dismiss religion and believers as irrelevant—or worse. Meanwhile the percentage of those identifying themselves as "former Catholics" grows at an alarming rate: if there was such a denomination it would be the second largest in the United States.

    In response, Fr. Crosby sees a challenge to all the church: to return to the basic message of Jesus Christ, a message that is supported, not contradicted, by advances in science and cosmology. Crosby envisions a new way of being Catholic and a set of practices that draws on the contemplative, compassionate, and life-giving spirit of Christ's Kingdom (or "Kindom," as Crosby translates)—a vision of God’s Trinitarian reality to be brought about on earth as it is in heaven.

  • Michael Crosby

    Michael H. Crosby is a Capuchin Franciscan with degrees in economics and New Testament spirituality. He is the author of many award-winning books, including The Spirituality of the Beatitudes, The Prayer that Jesus Taught Us, "Do You Love Me?" Jesus Questions the Church, and Finding Francis, Following Christ (all Orbis). He lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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    "If you care at all about the future of the Catholic Church in the West, pick up Repair My House. Michael Crosby turns a penetrating light on the ecclesial and secular shadows enveloping the post-Vatican II church. His astute analysis of our broken church is followed by a blueprint for repair grounded in the liberating and compassionate wisdom of the Gospel. Repair My House is an important and timely work. We ignore it at our own peril." -Donald Cozzens, author, Faith That Dares to Speak "We must not stone the prophets, instead we must read them! Again Michael Crosby speaks Gospel truth in ways that must be heard. Further, he writes it in a way that can be heard by honest seekers of truth and lovers of God. Michael is both!" -Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Center for Action and Contemplation "A piercing and compelling analysis of the contemporary Roman Catholic Church in the northern hemisphere. Michael Crosby presents us with an in¬stitution living in apocalyptic times, along with a renewed and fervent call to `repair my house.' A provocative, honest, and thoughtful read for any Catholic committed to renewal and a more meaningful and faithful model of church for our quantum age." -Edwina Gateley, author, Christ in the Margins


Repair My House

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