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Religion Book 3 New Edition

Alpha Press (Religion for Living)

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    - Designed for the Junior Certificate Religious Education Syllabus. Suitable for Key Stage 3, UK.
    - Comprises 35 complete lesson plans.
    - Follows the structure of Section E and F of the syllabus.
    - Employs a language level accessible to students of all abilities.
    - Suitable for students whether or not they are taking the state examination.
    - Contains a useful review of Sections A, B, C, D and E* for examination purposes.


    A highly structured methodology underpins each lesson in Religion Book 3.

    1. Objectives

    - The objectives of each lesson are simply and explicitly stated for the student.
    - Key concepts are highlighted.

    2. Introduction

    - Exercises: A variety of active learning strategies access students prior i knowledge and personal experience of a topic. Step by step instructions direct each activity. Stimulus questions guide student responses orally and in writing.

    3. Content

    - Content: composed in short simply structured sentences, scripted at an accessible reading level and printed in a larger typeface.

    4. Knowledge Section

    - Questions: Lower order questions test for comprehension of factual content.

    5. Understanding Section

    - Questions: higher order questions test for analysis, synthesis and evaluation.


    Religion Book 1

    Section A - Communities of Faith
    Section B - Foundations of Religion - Christianity

    Religion Book 2

    Section C - Foundations of Religion - Judaism; Islam; Buddhism; Hinduism.
    Section D - The Question of Faith
    Section E - Celebration of Faith *(Judaism; Islam; Buddhism; Hinduism)

    Religion Book 3

    Section E - Celebration of Faith (Christianity)
    Section F - The Moral Challenge.

  • Connie Duffy

    Connie Duffy M.Ed., B.Sc.(Hons.), Dip.ReI.Ed.
    • Married with two children.
    • Teacher of Religious Education, Castleknock Community College, Dublin.
    • Formerly Diocesan Adviser for Religious Education, Archdiocese of Dublin.
    • Previous titles include:
    The Religion for Living Series (Workbooks 1, 2 and 3.)
    Celtic Spirituality - Transition Year Resource Directory. The New Religion for Living Series
    (Religion Book 1, Religion Book 2, Religion Book 3, and the Single Volume Edition.)

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Religion Book 3 New Edition

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