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Religion: A Beginner's Guide

Author(s): Martin Forward

ISBN13: 9781851682584

ISBN10: 1851682589


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  • All too frequently, humans are involved only in seeing religion from either an academic or a proselytising point of view; we forget the human side, the faith and belief, the wonder that is the driving force behind religion. Launching Oneworlds series of "Beginners Guides" - introductory titles with a twist - this study probes to the heart of religion, examining a range of issues with clarity and concision. From the origins of religious belief to the role of festivals and the life beyond this one, this incisive little volume draws on history, theology, philosophy and the words of great thinkers old and new to introduce the timeless truths behind our common spiritual quests.

  • Martin Forward

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Religion: A Beginner's Guide

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