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Relational Manager

Author(s): Michael Schluter

ISBN13: 9780745953687

ISBN10: 0745953689


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  • This book presents original research from an experienced writer, public speaker and expert on relationships in the business world. Relationships are at the heart of all that we do and achieve, indeed our very identity. When they are nourished, there is room for human flourishing. When they are neglected, health, productivity, efficiency and individual happiness suffer. This is the core of all Schluters research. The Keep Sunday Special Campaign, Credit Action and Concordis are applications of this Relational Theory. "The Relational Executive" looks at relationships in the context of business, community, and everyday life, including communications, management, money, security. Supported by a wealth of statistics, research and background information, Schluter demonstrates clearly and persuasively that relational poverty affects all areas of society, and is associated with poor health, ineffective management and low output at work.

  • Michael Schluter

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Relational Manager