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Reducing Stress

5 CD Box Set

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  • CD 1
    The Nature of Stress
    Some Causes of Stress

    CD 2
    Effects of Stress
    Stress and Burnout

    CD 3
    Reducing Stress by means of Relaxation Exercises

    CD 4
    Reducing Stress by means of changes in Lifestyle

    CD 5
    Reducing Stress by changing attitudes
    Trusting in Divine Providence

    Due to the increasing pace and pressure of life, many people are suffering from unhealthy levels of stress. These CDs not only explain its nature and causes, they also suggest practical ways of reducing it. Invest in your future well being and happiness by listening attentively to these enlightening recordings.

  • Pat Collins

    Pat Collins CM, an Irish Vincentian, lectures on spirituality and the psychology of religion in Dublin, and is author of numerous books.

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Reducing Stress

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