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Rediscovering the Eucharist

Author(s): Raymond Moloney

ISBN13: 9781872245850

ISBN10: 1872245854

Publisher: Messenger Publications

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  • Ray Moloney has taught the theology of the Eucharist over many years, as professor and writer, both in Ireland and in Kenya. His work is marked by lucidity and deep scholarship. His books include The Eucharist (1995) and Our Splendid Eucharist (2003). As the Eucharist lies so close to the heart of our faith it was inevitable that so' many theologians-attempted to make the mystery intelligible and so many subtle understandings were proposed. In the days of the Reformation, it was intensely disputed. And it has not ceased to be a focus of our thought and life since Vatican II. Fr Moloney is a reliable guide through intensely argued teaching clarifying and affirming the Breaking of the Bread.


    In Rediscovering the Eucharist, Ray Moloney expands what he wrote in Eucharistic Prayers in Worship, Preaching and Study, (1985). He brings his vast expertise in theology to deepening our devotion to the Eucharist. Theology is not ultimately an end in itself; it should give greater depth to our devotion. In these short chapters, which first appeared in The Sacred Heart Messenger, he clarifies our understanding and deepens our devotion. Significantly Fr Moloney opens with the dismissive rejection of the teenager, 'Mass is so boring!' Significant because he gets to the heart of the Eucharist and it is the touchstone to which he returns in many further chapters.


    As he writes 'Behind such a remark can lie the unspoken question, "What do I get out of the Mass?"...We need to see just how false this question is, because the Mass is not about "I" but about "we". It is something we do only in the Church and as part of the Church. By "Church" I am referring to the People of God, the Body of Christ, a world-wide community bound together in a mysterious union of faith and worship. The Mass is that Church at prayer and worship.’

  • Raymond Moloney

    Raymond Moloney SJ is a former Professor of Systematic Theology at the Milltown Institute. He is the author of The Eucharist – Problems in Theology (1995) and The Knowledge of Christ (1999), and is a regular contributor to journals, including the Irish Theological Quarterly.

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Rediscovering the Eucharist

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