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Redeemed Bodies: Women Martyrs in Early Christianity

Author(s): Gail Streete

ISBN13: 9780664233297

ISBN10: 0664233295

Publisher: Westminster/John Knox Press

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  • Why do religious people choose paths that lead to their deaths as martyrs? Why do some who are killed for their faith become known and revered while others do not? Gail Streete asks these important and disturbing questions in the context of early Christianity, looking at the stories of martyred women such as Thecla, Perpetua, and Felicitas, women whose stories helped shaped Christian faith for centuries, yet are all but forgotten in the modern world. Streete reclaims these stories and relates them to tragic instances of martyrdom in our own world, pulling from stories as diverse as the victims of Columbine and female suicide bombers in the Muslim world. What do their deaths mean, and why do we find their stories so moving?

  • Gail Streete

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Redeemed Bodies: Women Martyrs in Early Christianity

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