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Recipes for Good Living

The Beginner's Guide to Spirituality

ISBN13: 9781846949029

ISBN10: 1846949025

Publisher: Circle Books

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  • Recipes for Good Living explores the idea of spirituality from a non-religious perspective. Its primary audience is people who are setting out on the spiritual adventure of their lifetime. It imitates the form of a cookery book, and is beautifully illustrated with line-drawings. It aims to be a contemporary popular spiritual manual for beginners and teachers of beginners and includes a wide range of practical exercises and reflections for personal growth or group discussion.


    It strongly encourages the idea that spiritual exploration is richly meaningful, life-transforming and inherently about developing a sense of interdependence with, and responsibility for, the world, its local communities, and the wider human family.

  • Rev Terry Biddington

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    "The best book on spirituality in a decade." "A must read for all searching for help with their own spirit life or wanting to help and teach others.It is accessible, fun and filled with wisdom." St Deny's Bookshop, (Manchester) review of Terry Biddington: 'Recipes for Good Living: A Beginner's Guide to Spirituality.' 

     - St Denys Bookshop, Manchester, St Deny's

    Review for previous book Risk-Shaped Discipleship: On Going Deeper into the Life of God Through a strong scriptural base, Terry Biddington challenges Christians to redirect their faith in a proactive and risky manner, akin to the way in which Jesus lived out his life on earth. Complacency and a lackadaisical cloud have overtaken the modern day church, leaving little room for active discipleship or pre-emptive religious ministry. Biddington utilizes biblical examples to weave together an attainable and encouraging image of what discipleship within the modern church looks like — and it is risky business. A gem of a resource for individual use or study groups, this book holds pearls of wisdom that offer revitalization and change to those willing to receive it.  

     - Church of England Newspaper

    Terry Biddington has wide and deep experience of working with young adults, especially in Universities. He has produced a book which imaginatively draws on culinary imagery to aid spiritual searching. It will be a useful tool for students and others who sense there is “something more” to life than the material, and who want to do some exploring. Taste and see; this might be just what you are looking for. 

    - The Revd Dr Stephen Heap, Higher Education Adviser, Church of England

    Terry Biddington’s latest work engages the reader in a unique, homely, and skilful way with the difficult concept of “spirituality.” Using familiar images and experiences his insightful and balanced understanding of his subject provides not only an excellent personal resource for the journey towards human and spiritual wholeness, but also a valuable and enriching talking point through searching questions and tasks in the whole process of growth, change, and development .I am confident that student and mentor alike will welcome this book and appreciate its potential in the work of spiritual, emotional, and physical integration of life. A masterpiece! I want to say I appreciated your work here so very much and could have written pages in response! I wish it had been available when I was chaplain! Every possible good wish for success with it! 

     - Sister Teresa Kennedy, PBVM , Former National Coordinator, Catholic Church Committee for Higher Education, UK

    Recipes for Good Living gets to the heart of the importance but also the struggles of maintaining a balanced student life alongside a fresh and nourished spiritual life. With his honest and open style, Terry Biddington allows the space and reassurance for individuals to look deeper at the ordinary, to reveal the extraordinary. A valuable resource for any one embarking on the adventure of student life. 

    - Sarah Henderson, Former Convenor, General Council of the British Student Christian Movement

    Every year for thousands of young people University offers the freedom and opportunity to learn, to have fun, and hopefully to grow. Amidst this hubbub, spirituality is often a neglected aspect of life. Using cooking as a metaphor for nourishing the soul, Terry Biddington's book invites the reader to sit down to a menu of ideas around spirituality. Written in a light and practical way it will be a good companion those curious about the deeper meaning to life. A cook book worth having on your shelf! 

    - Yvonne Harris, Head of Student Health and Wellbeing, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

    Thanks for this. I really enjoyed reading what you've written. I wish I’d had this when I was at university. 

     - David Masters, European Regional Secretary World Student Christian Federation

    The tone is pitched just right. I did have a need to read on, as you are consistently leading and challenging the reader to think, which is good. It also looks as if it will work for people to dip in to too, which, from a student point of view, is very good! I can't wait to see the finished illustrations. 

    - Stuart Robb, Postgraduate student, Manchester University

    I think the concept is much needed and is very good. The content is certainly interesting and flows very easily, I could see myself happily reading this and I would not class myself as anything near being a Book worm. The language is user friendly and accessible. I feel that the non religious perspective is achieved well. I think you have a gem of a book here. 

     - Chris Betson, Anglican Priest, Sheffield, UK

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Recipes for Good Living

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