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Author(s): Lawrence Boadt

ISBN13: 9780809126316

ISBN10: 0809126311

Publisher: Paulist Press

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  • Reading the Old Testament is a clear and carefully organized introduction for contemporary readers. It is designed to guide the student of the Bible through the text and its problems, enrich their understanding of the individual biblical books, and explore the way the Bible came to be written.
    Reading the Old Testament combines the latest scholarship with a sensitivity to religious issues and Israels ever-deepening understanding of Gods ways. The author gives special attention to recent archaeological discoveries in the Middle East and how these affect our understanding of the Old Testament. The book contains numerous maps, charts, and drawings.
    Reading the Old Testament is particularly illuminating about the way Israels religious experience was translated into written records. No other introduction offers the same thorough treatment of the Exile and the post-exilic periods as crucial times in the formation of the Old Testament message.

    Table of contents:
    1. Introducing the Old Testament 11
    2. The People and Lands of the Old Testament 28
    3. Archaeology and the Old Testament 52
    4. Literary Tools for Old Testament Study 69
    5. The Pentateuch 89
    6. Genesis 1, 11: The Preface to Israels Story 109
    7. Genesis 12, 50: The Patriarchs 133
    8. The Exodus from Egypt 155
    9. The Covenant and Journey to Canaan (Exodus 19 through Numbers) 173
    10. The Israelite Possession of Canaan: The Books of Joshua and Judges 195
    11. Canaanite Religion and Culture 213
    12. A King Like Those of Other Nations: The Books of Samuel and Kings 227
    13. Daily Life in Ancient Israel 245
    14. Israelite Worship and Prayer 266
    15. The Kingdom Split into Two 292
    16. The Great Prophets of the Eighth Century 309
    17. The Last Days of the Kingdom of Judah 338
    18. Jeremiah and the Deuteronomic History 360
    19. Prophecy During the Babylonian Exile 383
    20. Sing Us a Song of Zion! 405
    21. The Struggle to Restore the Land (540, 500 B.C.) 431
    22. Life in the Post-Exilic Community 449
    23. The Cultivation of Wisdom 472
    24. Faith Confronting New Challenges 492
    25. The Closing of the Old Testament 517
    26. Themes of Old Testament Theology 543

  • Lawrence Boadt

    Lawrence Boadt, C.S.P. (October 26, 1942 – July 24, 2010) was associate professor of Sacred Scripture at the Washington Theological Union in Washington, D.C. He received his doctorate in Biblical Studies and Near Eastern Languages from the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome and wrote numerous articles and books on Old Testament subjects, especially on the Prophets.

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