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Questions of Truth

Author(s): John Polkinghorne

ISBN13: 9780664233518

ISBN10: 0664233511

Publisher: Westminster/John Knox Press

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  • For many years, people from across the world have sent the scientist-turned-theologian John Polkinghorne questions about science and belief. In Q&A format, Polkinghorne and Beale offer captivating responses. Readers can follow their own paths through the book, selecting questions that interest them and looking at the additional material if they choose. The result is a unique book that explores the rich harmonies between science and belief.
  • John Polkinghorne

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    Polkinghorne, former professor of physics at Cambridge University and esteemed writer on questions of the interaction between science and religion, is a kind of antidote to Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris for the intellectual theist or Christian. Beale, a former student of Polkinghorne, helps him field the questions that form the structure of this intriguing book, which tackles the existence of God, the "anthropic principle," evil, and prayer. A thought-provoking work giving language and rationale to the believer daunted by contemporary atheistic argument. For most collections.

    - Library Journal


Questions of Truth

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