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Questions I Have Been Asked, and Answers I Have Given

Author(s): Jack Mcardle

ISBN13: 9781856075992

ISBN10: 1856075990


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  • Fr McArdle writes: Rilke, the philosopher, says that Life is a journey from the certainties of callow youth, to a time when I find myself living with questions. I learn to live with the questions, and I even come to love the questions, knowing that, at some future time, I will come into possession of all the answers.

    The questions contained in this book are important ones. I do not believe that the answers are in any way definitive. The best that can be said about them is that they satisfy me ... for now. Probably ten years from now, I could write answers with very different emphases, even if the central tenets remain the same. Certainly, my own understanding of the question will continue to evolve. This is all part of Gods revelation. Even in heaven, I dont expect to be able to understand very much about the mystery that is God. Maybe that is why we are given an eternity in order to experience the many facets of the Divinity.

  • Jack Mcardle

    Jack McArdle is a priest of our Sacred Hearts Community in Dublin. He is the author of numerous beat-selling books of spirituality including ‘Jesus said It and I Believe It’ and ‘It’s Really Very Simple’. A popular speaker and retreat-leader, he has also presented a series of Spirit Level on RTE.1.Introduction
    2.The First Joyful Mystery THE ANNUNCIATION
    3.The Second Joyful Mystery THE VISITATION
    4.The Third Joyful Mystery THE NATIVITY
    5.The Fourth Joyful Mystery THE PRESENTATION
    6.The Fifth Joyful Mystery THE FINDING OF JESUS IN THE TEMPLE
    7.The First Sorrow Mystery THE AGONY IN THE GARDEN
    8.The Second Sorrow Mystery THE SCOURING AT THE PILAR
    9.The Third Sorrow Mystery THE CROWNING WITH THORNS
    10.The Fourth Sorrow Mystery THE CARRYING OF THE CROSS
    11.The Fifth Sorrow Mystery THE CRUCIFIXION
    12.The First Glorious Mystery THE RESURECTION
    13.The Second Glorious Mystery THE ASCENSION
    14.The Third Glorious Mystery THE DESCENT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT
    15.The Fourth Glorious Mystery THE ASSUMPTION
    16.The Fifth Glorious Mystery THE CORONATION

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Questions I Have Been Asked, and Answers I Have Given

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