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Questioner's Prayer

Author(s): Robert J. Baker

ISBN13: 9781592762385

ISBN10: 1592762387


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  • Some of the most sincere prayers we can address to God are, "Why, God?," "When, God?," or "How, God?"

    Facing our ignorance and lack of understanding is the basis of any ongoing prayer dialogue with God. Consider what happens when were facing a life crisis death, illness, or loss and the only kind of prayer were capable of is a string of questions flung to heaven.

    But we can also feel free to ask questions of God in everyday prayer as we look to him for motivation, inspiration, and understanding. An experienced pastor currently serving as Bishop of Charleston, South Carolina, Bishop Robert J. Baker says a question put to God can be a real sign of faith and trust, especially when we bring those questions to prayer. This unique aid to prayer and meditation will guide you to the core of your relationship with God and your understanding of his plan for you.

  • Robert J. Baker

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Questioner's Prayer

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