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Pure Piano CD

Binding: Audio CD

Size: Number of Discs: 1

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  • During this very personal collection of original compositions Brian demonstrates a wonderful ability to enable you to share his journey of discovery. Seamlessly moving from dramatic crescendos to deft and subtle melodies with a sure touch that will totally immerse you in this brilliantly crafted album.


    Experience the beautiful tone and quality of the piano whilst enjoying a new and fresh collection of memorable tracks. At the end of your journey you will be left completely relaxed but also with a full sense of satisfaction from this unique listening experience.



    1. Magical Landscapes 3:21

    2. Sychronicity 3:19

    3. Nocturne 2:15

    4. A Memory 2:24

    5. Beyond the Clouds 3:13

    6. A Place in Time 4:08

    7. River Runs Deep 3:12

    8. Reflections 2:34

    9. Folk Song 3:14

    10. Romanza 1:47

    11. The Forest 1:57

    12. Many Lives 2:60

    13. Druid 3:16

    14. Shades of Blue 2:36

    15. The Homeland 3:20

    16. Lullaby 2:39

    17. Ancients 2:11

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Pure Piano CD

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