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Pure Intimacy: How Your Marriage Can Benefit

From Natural Family Planning

Author(s): Jason Evert

ISBN13: 9781888992786

ISBN10: 1888992786

Publisher: Unknown

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  • Marriage is the first step in starting a family, but some couples have serious reasons to space the births of their children. What options are there for devout Catholic couples who follow the teachings of the Church and shun contraception?

    Natural family planning (NFP) is 99 percent effective in accurately spacing births, and it has other powerful benefits including a divorce rate below 3 percent for couples who practice it.

    In an accessible question-and-answer format, Catholic Answers apologist Jason Evert explains the biological, spiritual, and emotional benefits of NFP. Love, Sex and Babies will help readers understand Gods plan for the gift of their sexuality and the many graces of natural family planning, helping them build stronger marriages and thus stronger families.
  • Jason Evert

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Pure Intimacy: How Your Marriage Can Benefit

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