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Author(s): Amy Welborn

ISBN13: 9780879739812

ISBN10: 0879739819


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  • What do you say when someone tries to tell you:
    "Youre not a Christian because your church isnt Bible-based?"
    "Youre not a Christian because what your church teaches isnt in the Bible?"
    "Youre not a Christian because you believe that good works will get you to heaven?"
    "Youre not a Christian because you worship Mary like a goddess?"
    "Youre not a Christian because you believe that the pope is right about everything?"
    "Youre not a Christian because you obey the pope instead of God?"

    And the biggie:
    "Youre not a Christian because youre not saved?"

    Prove It! Church gives you the answers you need when someone challenges your Catholic Faith. From Mary to the saints to papal infallibility, infant baptism, purgatory, and a whole lot more. Prove It! Church explains what you need to know to prove that the Catholic Church belongs to Christ, teaches Christ, preaches Christ - and is, in fact, Christ in the world today!

  • Amy Welborn

    Amy Welborn has written for Our Sunday Visitor, Catholic News Service, Beliefnet, the New York Times, and Commonweal. She has five children and lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

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