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Priorities For Fairness

Choosing Policies to Ensure Economic Development

ISBN13: 9781872335605

ISBN10: 1872335608


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  • Irish society is faced with substantial opportunities, challenges and choices at this time. Despite the enormous economic growth of recent years, poverty, inequality and social exclusion persist. In this review CORI Justice Commission presents an analysis of the current socio-economic situation of Ireland. Throughout the book facts such as those listed below are discussed and appropriate policy reforms are proposed.

    - In Ireland today 304,549 households and 720,765 persons are living in poverty
    - Almost one in every four Irish children (251,793 children) lives in poverty
    - There are almost 100,000 people unemployed
    - The number of people who are long-term unemployed is increasing
    - There are a total of 48,413 households (130,000 people) on local-authority housing waiting lists
    - The number of homeless people has increased from 2,501 in 1996 to almost 6,000 today
    - Over half of Irelands adults are classified as being below the minimum level of literacy with almost one in four adults being at the lowest level of literacy
    - Ireland produces 2.3 million tonnes of waste each year (626kg per annum per person) and 88% of this is land filled
    - Ireland collects a lower proportion of GDP in tax than any other country across the European Union

    The future that emerges will result from decisions taken now. A programme to prioritise fairness is required. Such a programme is outlined in this review.
  • CORI Justice Commission

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Priorities For Fairness

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