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Primary School Assemblies for Religious Festivals

Author(s): Ronni Lamont

ISBN13: 9780281066971

ISBN10: 0281066973

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian

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  • Here you will find 37 fun and thoughtful assemblies that celebrate the multi-faith make-up of British schools today. This collection features assemblies dedicated to the festivals of nine major world religions:

     - the Baha’i faith
     - Buddhism
     - Christianity
     - Hinduism
     - Islam
     - Jainism
     - Judaism
     - Sikhism
     - Zoroastrianism

    Each assembly consists of a story or activity, followed by a reflection and then a song suggestion. All the assemblies are written by experienced practitioners. They can be used as they are or for inspiration.

    This book will help teachers celebrate with all their children through the year, no matter which faith they belong to.

  • Ronni Lamont

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Primary School Assemblies for Religious Festivals

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