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Presumed Guilty - How Jews Blamed for Death of Jesus

Author(s): Peter Tomson

ISBN13: 9780800637071

ISBN10: 0800637070


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  • A premier New Testament scholar explores how Jesus trial and execution are portrayed in the New Testament and how that portrayal has affected biblical studies, Christian theology, and Jewish-Christian relations through history. Tomson has written an accessible, responsible analysis of the biblical accounts of Jesus death, demonstrating how, through compounded misunderstandings, they contributed to anti-Jewish sentiment in the early church and later history.

    Tomsons question of how Jesus is to be understood in his first-century Judean context is a critical one not only for biblical scholars, but for anyone concerned about human rights and interreligious dialogue today.

  • Peter Tomson

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    The starting point of most Christian traditions and beliefs is always the New Testament, though many those beliefs and traditions may be expanded upon and altered later. This especially true of the oldest Christian beliefs, including anti-Semitism. Some have tried to argue that Christian anti-Semitism isnt biblical, but Bibles portrayal of Jesus arrest and execution contributed very much to the development of Christians hatred of the Jews throughout history.

    - Peter J. Tomson Janet Dy.


Presumed Guilty - How Jews Blamed for Death of Jesus

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