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Veritas publications invites you to the launch of Exploring Amoris Laetitia on Tuesday 22nd of August, 2017 at 1:30pm


Veritas presents: James Kilbane, The Family Collection - 06 July, 2017


It Is As It Is A true story of hope, loss and friendship by Malina Stahre-Godycka 26th April, 2017


Vintage Values - Metro Herald 8th November 2013


New book explores faith and science - The Irish Catholic 7th July 2011


A helping hand for local families battling addiction - Derry Journal, 11th February 2011


Seeds of renewal need carefully prepared beads - The Irish Catholic, 13th January 2010


Publishing a way to support others - Castleknock Gazette, 2nd December 2010


Silence: bully's best friend  –  The Irish Times HEALTHplus, 30th December 2010
When each scar is a cry for help  –  The Irish Times HEALTHplus, 7 September 2010

Agency first to fight injustice, not just deal  with its effects  –  The Irish News, 1 July 2010
Young and old come together in Nobber for literacy project   –  Meath Chronicle
Tribute to Trócaire’s work to end injustice  –  The Irish News, June 25 2010 

Trócaire veteran joins Bishop to launch new book  - Andersonstown News, 28 June 2010 

We’re not listening to the Holy Spirit  – The Irish Catholic, May 20, 2010 

Farewell to a prophet  – The Irish Catholic, May 20, 2010 

Veritas arrives at the DRC Bookshop  – The Irish News,  April 24, 2010 

Trocaire's 35-year fight for world's poor  – The Irish Catholic,  May 13, 2010 

Bishop Casey attends launch of book about Trócaire – The Irish Times, Friday, May 7, 2010 

Bishop Casey returns to celebrate the story of Trocaire By John Cooney - Irish Independent, Friday May 07 2010 

News in the brief - Resolving Series book launch  – Sunday Tribune,  May 16, 2010 

From my bookshelf – the pieces of literature that mean most to John Quinn –  Reality, March 2010

Coping with suicide – Justice, January/February 2010

Cardinal Cahal Daly - a tribute  - The Irish Catholic, January 7th 2010

The Pastoral Vision of Cardinal Paul Cullen  - The Irish Catholic, November 12th 2009

Legacy of Irish Missionaries by Pat O'Leary - The Irish Catholic, November 12th 2009

A Guiding Light for Girls by J Anthony Gaughan - The Irish Catholic, November 12th 2009   Noirin sings through the pain - Sunday Independent, 18th October 2009

Celebrating religious education by Seán Michael Kelly - The Irish Catholic, October 8th 2009

Welcome boost for parents from Veritas by Seán P. Feeny - Donegal News, August 28th 2009

Between memory and hope - The Irish Catholic, 27th August 2009

Veritas takes advantage of the new ad law - The Irish Catholic, 27th August 2009

Schoolbooks prices cut by 20pc in boost for parents - Irish Independent Tuesday, 25th August 2009

Religious ads a veritable first - Irish Daily Star Irish Independent, Tuesday 25th August 2009

Religious adverts ban to be relaxed by Stephen O'Brien - The Sunday Times The Phoenix, December 2008 

The Phoenix, December 2008

Journeys by Brian Power - Books Ireland

Dawn without darkness review by Victor Stacey- The Church Review 

Finding the true meaning of Christmas - Monaghan Mart 

Veritas partnership boosts Trócaire ethical gifts campaign by Rory Geary - Northern Standard

All In God's Time for Orla - Anglo-Celt 

The Breaking of Bread, Biblical Reflections on the Eucharist by Cardinal Cahal B.Daly - Reality 

Photographic exibition at Veritas, Monaghan Northern Standard 

Veritas Gallery presents the Nun with the Nikon exhibition by Veronica Johnston - Northern Standard 

Our Light And Our Help by Bishop Edward Daly

Remembering to forgive: A Tribute to Una O’Higgins O’Malley, edited by Enda Mc Donagh by Kate Barrance - Reality

TD's urge change to 'absurd' religious advert legislation by Helen O'Callaghan - The Universe

Religious advertising ban is OTT by Patrick Pascal O'Brien - The Irish Catholic 

Veritas Christmas ad banned by RTE clerance committee last year  by Siobhan Tanner - The Irish Catholic

Lift This Ban by Broadcasting Bill - The Irish Catholic

How Baby Aaron's Story Inspired Cork by Edel O'Connell - Evening Echo 

Churches facing more challenges in a new era by Alf McCreary  - Belfast Telegraph 

Jesus: Social Revolutionary? by Peter McVerry - Irish Catholic 

Know the Way  by Orla Walsh-  Meath Chronicle

When a Child Dies by Jim O'Shea - The Examiner

Jesus: Social Revolutionary? by Peter McVerry - The Irish Times

That's Men by Padraig Morain- Woman's Way

Good Food ,Great Life  by Paula Mee - The Sunday World 

Good Food, Great Life by Paula Mee- Woman's Way

Goodnight Ballivor I'll Sleep in Trim by John Quinn - Letter to Author from Seamus Heaney 

Breaking of the Bread by Cardinal Cahal B. Daly - The Belfast Telegraph

Breaking of the Bread  by Cardinal Cahal B. Daly - The Irish Times

Breaking of the Bread  by Cardinal Cahal B. Daly- The Irish News

Goodnight Ballivor - I'll Sleep in Trim by John Quinn- The Irish Times

Goodnight Ballivor - I'll Sleep in Trim by John Quinn - The Irish Independent

Gone Fishing by Denis O'Callaghan - The Evening Echo  



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