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Preparing Your Child - Baptism

Catholic Parent Know How

Author(s): Janet Schaeffler

ISBN13: 9781592760626

ISBN10: 1592760627


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  • Catholic Parent Know-How: Preparing Your Child for Baptism is not just about the moment of Baptism, because Baptism is not just about one moment. Baptism is a lifetime sacrament. It happens only once (it cannot be repeated) - but it is about the rest of our lives. What we do and say in those few moments is lived each day for the rest of our lives.

    For the first years of your childs life, yours will be the most important influence in his/her understanding of life as a follower of Jesus and life as a member of the Catholic Church. At Baptism your child is a Christian, but your child becomes a Christian as the years unfold. What a challenge, but what a privileged responsibility you have in that!

  • Janet Schaeffler

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Preparing Your Child - Baptism

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