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As We Experience Illness and As We Care for The Sick

ISBN13: 9781847303509

ISBN10: 1847303501

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  • On the Occasion of the Archdiocese of Dublin celebrating 20 years of World Day of the Sick in the year of the 50th International Eucharistic Congress.

    In every suffering person,
    especially if he or she is little or defenceless,
    it is Jesus who welcomes us
    and is expecting our love.

    - Words of Pope Benedict XVI on the occasion of his first visit as newly elected Pope to a children’s hospital.

    It is not simply that we come to take care of the sick, as though they were passive spectators of our actions. The sick are an integral part of the Church. Caring for the sick always accompanied Jesus’ proclamation of the Good News. There is a sense in which there is no Church without the sick.

    … Our celebration focuses on our sick brothers and sisters, but it is above all a celebration of life. It is about the special light that our Christian faith can shed within the world of suffering. Our celebration is a celebration of the centrality and the inviolability of all life. It is a celebration of the Christian command of solidarity with others and care for others. It is a sign of that special gift of communion which is the fruit of sharing the one body in the Eucharist. We cannot come away from sharing the one Eucharistic bread indifferent to the life of others.

     - Archbishop Diarmuid Martin
    Saint Anthony’s Parish, Clontarf, Sunday, 6 February 2011?

  • Archdiocese of Dublin

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