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Prayers of Hope and Healing CD

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  • In a time of great uncertainty and changing world, many are searching for a deeper meaning in life. Many lives have been affected by global recession, conflict, hurt and confusion. People are realizing that perhaps to find a deeper more meaningful life we need to relieve ourselves of much superficiality and focus on the more important necessities. Faith in times of crisis has always given comfort, hope and consolation. In the Bible we are reminded three hundred and sixty five times not to be afraid ! Think of the reassurance of such words ~ One for every day of our year!


    In this new audio Cd ~ Prayers of Hope and Healing ~ Fr. Liam Lawton reinforces this assurance with words of comfort, courage and conviction. The prayers and reflections deal with many themes of life and society today ~ Joy, Sorrow, Growing old, Birth, Death, Work, Life and Loss… the pieces are set in beautiful orchestrations based on Liam’s original music by Mark Cahill ~ Liam’s musical director and allow the listener to absorb the text with time for reflection. The prayers are read by Liam, and many people will be familiar with his reflective voice from his many concerts and performances.


    This Cd will make a great travelling companion when our cars become our cathedrals or for one who simply wishes to take some quiet time in the midst of a busy day or night. It is not a full listening Cd but rather one that offers the listener a chance to select a particular theme from the many offered and journey to a resting place where a loving reassuring God awaits.

  • Liam Lawton

    For the past number of years Liam Lawton has been writing, composing and performing his unique style of inspirational music. In March 2004 Liam's talents were recognized by recording giant EMI who signed him for a number of albums. His EMI debut Another World was released in Ireland later that year featuring guest artists as Brian Kennedy, The Celtic Tenors, Fionnuala Sherry of Secret Garden, Moya Brennan, Eimear Quinn, Roisin O'Reilly amongst others. This album achieved double platinum status and was followed by his second album Time which also was hugely successful. Time was recorded with the National Philharmonic Orchestra in the beautiful city of Prague with arrangements by well known Chicago Symphony arranger Gary Fry. Liam's third album Christmas Song includes a collection of Liam's own favourite Christmas pieces with some new original music also.
    Liam Lawton's music has been recognized for its unique quality. His poetic lyrics are inspired by many sources including the ancient texts of Celtic Ireland, he is also at home writing contemporary music. Much of Liam's inspiration is drawn from the landscape of Ireland with its own dark and rich history. His melodies are full of pathos and can stir the heart and his music has been used in many an auspicious occasions for example the memorial services of 9/11 to concerts in such places as the Vatican, The White House and The Chicago Symphony Hall to the weddings of pop stars and glitterati. Liam's choral music is used by choirs all over the English speaking world and has been translated into Spanish, German and Swedish.

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Prayers of Hope and Healing CD

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