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Prayers from Life

Author(s): Michael Maginn

ISBN13: 9780954743413

ISBN10: 0954743413


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  • Many of these prayers were written over a twelve month period following the death of my father Noel in April 2009. Hopefully those who read them will be inspired to pray in their own way, seeking the Lord where he is to be found: at the heart of each event and encounter, even those which seem transient and insignificant.

    Michael Maginn
    St Pauls, Lurgan,
    November 2010.?

  • Michael Maginn

    Michael Maginn was born in Lurgan, Co. Armagh. A diocesan priest, he has served in various parish ministries since 1981. He is currently parish priest of St Paul’s, Lurgan. He holds a Masters from Fordham University, New York (1984) and a Doctorate from the Oblate School of Theology, San Antonio, Texas (20040. He has published several articles in Intercom, The Furrow and Ceide in recent years, as well as two booklets on Edith Stein and Therese of Lisieux, for Carmelite Publications, Glenvale. In Prayers for Life, the author relates prayer to lived experiences. He is drawing water from deep wells.

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  • Wednesdays (in memory of my father)

    In my childhood imagination
    Wednesday’s colour was always sunny yellow,
    my father’s half day at the shop,
    our favourite day of the week.

    Our day for running in the park,
    or visiting Cafollas for a marshmallow ice,
    or riding on the bar of my father’s sturdy bike,
    or helping him pull the weeds
    from the heavy soil of our front garden.

    One Wednesday
    we laughed ourselves to Belfast on the puffer train
    to see The Sound of Music,
    (my father knew the driver).
    That day we thought we were really something.

    Once we winged our way to London,
    my father’s prize window
    winning us a family weekend
    at Windsor, Runnymede, Madame Tussauds.

    Wednesday was the day he fell
    on the bedroom floor.
    Now he is cradled in Colman’s clay,
    coffined in his best navy suit.

    thank you for the sacred memories
    that we hold in secret,
    the precious memories
    that we share,
    the saving memories
    that sustain us in the long days and lonely nights.


Prayers from Life

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