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Prayers for Coping with Cancer

Author(s): Diane Losciale

ISBN13: 9780764818295

ISBN10: 0764818295


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  • Prayers for Coping with Cancer: Marking the Journey

    Edited by: Diana Losciale

    Product Code: 818295 ISBN: 9780764818295 Price: $9.95
    Pages: 96 Size: 4" X 6" Inches
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    The diagnosis of cancer is something many people experience. The sense of hopelessness and helplessness can be overwhelming, and many need to find the strength to fight the disease. Prayers for Coping with Cancer is a collection of meditations, reflections, and prayers written by survivors of the disease.

    The shock and fear of being diagnosed with cancer can paralyze a persons ability to form words of prayer. This book provides a way to talk with Godusing the words of people who have been where the newly-diagnosed is today. It can help anyone diagnosed recently, currently undergoing treatment, or enjoying the hope-filled life of remission to realize that God is listening to your prayers.

    When you dont know what you can do for your loved one with cancer, give them this book. It can help them find the comfort in knowing others have experienced the same fear and questions, and these prayers can help talk with God and understand his never-ending love.

  • Diane Losciale

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Prayers for Coping with Cancer

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